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What We Do

The TLA performs a key advocacy role on behalf of members, and meet regularly with Telstra at all levels (including senior executives), to discuss strategic and operational issues so as to deliver the best outcomes for our members.  

It’s not always appropriate to outline the detail around some issues so we’ll give you the headlines through our regional calls and invite you to contact the TLA Office to discuss in more detail if required.

The TLA has become the point of consultation for many areas within Telstra as they seek to work with the Licensee channel regarding a range of topics, including product and process development.

We also develop or have input into work groups - either operational or strategic - to ensure members are included in the development and direction of the channel wherever possible.

What We Need From You

To advocate on behalf of members, we need to know what's happening out there. Tell us when there is incorrect pricing on products, stock issues, credits not received or any other systemic channel issues.  The more we understand the channel-wide issues you are facing, the better chance we have of advocating on your behalf. 

All issues related to you specifically should always be directed through your LAM first. 

Telstra Operating Rhythm

The TLA has an operating rhythm in place  to manage the many operational issues that arise in the business.  In addition, there are regular meetings in place with senior Telstra executives to discuss the health of the channel and the strategic elements that contribute to this. 

Urgent Issues - strategic or operational Ad Hoc Retail & Regional
Strategic and operational


Fortnightly -Tuesdays Retail Sales & Service Executive (Timothy Evans )

 REM Feedback  Weekly - Fridays

TRR Commercial & Footprint (Mike Duffy)

Pre BCF meeting to discuss strategy and key channel pain points Quarterly

Fiona Hayes 

Channel Strategy
Urgent Issues

Annually or as required

Michael Ackland

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